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In the center of Europe, crimes against humanity are committed with impunity.

This photo taken in one of the precinct gyms in Minsk was leaked to in August, 2020

I now often see war in my dreams. Tight formations of marching riot police bang shields and cut like knives into a white-red-and-white river of protesters in the streets of Minsk, which was once my home. In these dreams I usually stand aside, frozen. I watch as bodies fall under metal batons, military boots stomping them into the ground. I cower from a black figure who turns the polished helmet of his head towards me, scared to see his eyes behind the visor.

What came first? Did the war that the maniacal dictator launched against its people spill into my…

Olga Loginova

Olga Loginova is a Belarusian-American journalist and documentary filmmaker based in Brooklyn. Her work has appeared on VICE News, Pop Sci, VoA and RFE/RL

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